Raw Material.

When we purchased the house all the windows had been boarded up because all the downstairs windows had been broken. There were two large holes in the roof and the house was so damp the surveyors damp meter was off the scale!


A new roof and new double glazed windows was installed by the professionals within the first 6 months.

We have replaced the water supply system, electric wiring and central heating system, which has two boilers oil and wood.

Insulation in the roof and new ceilings in the attics we installed our selves before finishing them for our accommodation.

On the ground floor the front lounge, hall, dining room and kitchen have been refurbished.

On the first floor four of the five bedrooms and the bathroom have been renovated.

The Fifth bedroom has been converted to provide two en suite bathrooms for guest bedrooms.

The original bath room has been converted to provide en suite facilities for the double and a private bath room for the single room.

A separate shower room and toilet has been installed downstairs for our use.


Water is supplied from a spring using a water powered water pump.

A solar panel provides hot water, if the sun shines.

A small 6 Kw Wind Turbine provides electricity when the wind blows.