Fire Risk Assessment for 2023.

South Moor Farm,

Langdale End,


YO13 0LW

Completed by Robert William Walker, Partner, 5/12/2022.

Sources of Ignition.

Electrical wiring and appliances have been checked and are in good condition.

All cooking is undertaken by a competent person.

Deep fat fryers are never left unattended.

Cooking equipment is regularly cleaned.

Smoking is prohibited in this establishment.

Candles and oil lamps are only used by the owners if there is a power cut.

Electric heaters are only used by the owners during winter months.

If guests are in the property the oil fired central heating boiler is used.

The Oil fired Boiler is serviced annually.

There are no open fires used.

There are three enclosed wood burning stoves in the downstairs rooms which are only used by the owners.

Fuel Present.

Small quantities of fire wood are stored near but well clear of the wood burning stoves.

Heating oil is stored in an external tank with automatic fire cut off valve.

Small quantity of gas stored outside for emergency cooking.

The Property is stone built with a Pantile roof.

All floors are wood except for the kitchen and utility room which are concrete.

All internal walls are plaster lath on timber studding.

Ordinary domestic furnishings.

Domestic waste is Stored outside.

Petrol Stored in Outbuildings.

No hazardous activities undertaken.

Guests and Employees.

Maximum of 10 guests and 2 owners.

Means of Escape.

Stone Built with wooden internal Structures and two exit doors.

Front Door. Back Door.

All first floor windows can be used to vacate the building by fire brigade ladder.

Fire Alarm.

Interlinked smoke detectors on all floors.

Carbon Monoxide detector in lounge.

Fire Fighting Equipment.

Fire extinguisher on ground and first floor.

Fire Blanket in Kitchen.

Emergency Lighting.

Torches provided in guest rooms.

Evacuation Procedure.

If the fire alarms sound vacate the building by the nearest available exit and assemble in car park.

If the exit is blocked by smoke or fire alternative escape is via windows in each room.