Bob Walker
South Moor Farm,
Langdale End,
YO13 0LW.
2nd. Feb. 2013. Update 30th. August 2018.Updated 15th. August 2020.

Re. Proposed Air Strip, South Moor Farm. Pre planning consultation.

Dear Neighbour,

Background information:

Some of you may know that I, Bob Walker, hold a Private Pilot Licence. I fly a small single engine aircraft now based at Beverley airfield.

Since training at Full Sutton airfield 14 years ago I have been flying regularly and have flown for over 500 hours.

(Our aircraft is owned by a group of 5 pilots and we each fly about 40 trips per year to various parts of the UK.

We regularly use grass runways at various air fields and it would be possible to land at South Moor Farm.

Last year we had to move the plane from our previous hangar and had some difficulty finding a new hangar.

There is a shortage of hangar space so some aircraft are stored outside, which reduces their useful life.

I would like to build a hangar at South Moor Farm and prepare a strip of grass to use as a runway.) This is no longer applicable.

Added 2018.  I bought my own aircraft in 2016 which was stored at and flown from South Moor Farm late 2016 and during 2017. Prohibited from April 2018. Currently based at Beverley a 1.5 hour drive away.

(To help other pilots I would like a hangar capable of storing up to 10 small aircraft so that they could use the air strip.) This has been removed from planning application due to planning objections.

Summary of proposal:-

Use of the proposed facilities to be restricted to current owner only.

No training flights, no practice circuits, and no aerobatics.

All flights to be during day light, no night flights.

Only to be used by small low powered light aircraft.

(Visiting aircraft would require prior permission.) No visiting aircraft due to planning objections.

Added 2020. No more than 52 flights per year. Used 2017 for 40 flights on 25 days.

Propose a 600 metre grass strip aligned South West to North East as the main runway. (Prevailing wind is South Westerly).

(Propose a 400 metre grass strip aligned West to East to allow aircraft to land if wind across main runway too strong.) Removed from planning application.

(Construct a hangar for up to 10 aircraft, shown as a green rectangle on attached image. The hangar may be a steel framed building, with metal cladding, similar to a farm building.) Removed from planning application.

(Provide a small wooden building or caravan, shown as a white rectangle on attached image. This would house the movement’s log, and pilot rest area with limited refreshments. )(e.g. Tea, coffee, soft drinks, crisps and biscuits.) Removed from planning application, not required for sole use.

(Extend the existing access road from the farm buildings to the hangar.) Removed from planning application.


Light air craft engines are nosier than some car engines but not as noisy as Lorries or tractors.

Aircraft produce most noise on take off so pilots will be required to avoid overflying houses on take off.

Once above 1000 feet very few people notice small aircraft.

The Flying Farmers Association operates farm air strips near horses, cattle and sheep.

Larger and noisier aircraft need much longer runways than the proposed 600 metre strip.


Farm strips are only used by experienced private pilots.

Pilots must keep more than 500 feet from any person or building except when taking off or landing.

All pilots using the air strip will be aware of the condition and limitations of the air strip.

They will be aware of the requirement not to overfly neighbouring properties at low height.


The proposed facility will only be suitable for recreational flying.

We will not be installing hard runways and have limited runway length.

It cannot meet the Civil Aviation Authorities requirements for a licensed air field or public commercial flights.

If you would like further information or wish to discuss this proposal please ring on 01751 460285.